Making sense of math

We offer comprehensive standards-based curriculum as well as innovative supplemental resources. All our teaching materials promote strategies that emphasize conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and problem solving skills through the use of visual models and coherent learning progressions.

Bridges K-5 Curriculum

Bridges in Mathematics

Grades K-5

Bridges in Mathematics 2nd Edition

Written specifically to meet the Common Core State Standards.
Bridges students become confident mathematical thinkers and motivated learners with the ability to explore new ideas and articulate their insights and questions. Each Bridges grade level provides a year's worth of mathematics lessons with an emphasis on problem solving. Includes Number Corner!

Grades K-5

Bridges in Mathematics 1st Edition

For existing users only. New customers, we invite you to review Bridges 2nd edition.

Number Corner

Grades K-5

Number Corner 2nd Edition

Written specifically to meet the Common Core State Standards.
Number Corner is a skill-building program that revolves around the classroom calendar.  It emphasizes skills practice while also providing frequent encounters with broader mathematical concepts. An essential component of the Bridges in Mathematics curriculum, Number Corner can be also used to complement any K-5 curriculum.

Grades K-5

Number Corner 1st Edition

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Bridges Intervention

Bridges Intervention

Grades K-5

Bridges Intervention

Written specifically to meet the Common Core State Standards.
Bridges Intervention is a resource designed for mathematics intervention in Tier 2 environments providing targeted instruction and support within the RtI framework. Students work with models that spur thinking and build confidence—starting with manipulatives, moving to two-dimensional representations and then mental images.

Supplemental Products

Grades K-5

Bridges Breakouts

This collection of supplements includes skill building, replacement units, and games and activities. May be used to complement any elementary math program. Many are available for free.

Grades K-2

Box It or Bag It

A math program for K-2 teachers who want to surround children with a language-enriched, activity-centered learning environment. 

Grades 1-12

Math and the Mind's Eye

A great way to introduce and extend visual models, especially in grades 4-10. This versatile collection can be taught in sequence or used individually as needed to supplement any curriculum.

Grades 5-10

Visual Mathematics

An innovative series of three one-year courses built around visual learning and the NCTM standards.

Grades 6-12

Algebra Through Visual Patterns

Draws together much of the material that originally appeared in the Math and the Mind’s Eye algebra units and later in the Visual Mathematics courses.

Other Materials


Hands-on learning and visual models are core elements of our approach. We’ve brought together some of the most popular manipulatives from our classroom materials along with other selected items.


Our math programs often incorporate children's literature which we make available separately along with other books and items for parents and math educators.