Preview and Evaluate the MLC Curriculum

As educators, you strive to make well-informed curriculum adoption decisions. We fully support this goal and offer the following summary of the philosophy, assumptions, and expectations inherent in our curriculum.

We believe

  • Learning is a collaborative and social endeavor.
  • Learning is a process of constructing meaning to make sense of concepts.
  • Learning requires perseverance and willingness to experience disequilibrium.


  • Encourage students to be responsible for their own learning.
  • Use good questioning strategies and draw out student thinking.
  • Promote discourse while creating a safe learning environment.


  • Solve problems using visual models and manipulatives.
  • Make and test conjectures while recording their thinking.
  • Talk and move around the classroom as they actively engage in learning.


  • Provide time and resources for professional development and collaboration.
  • Allocate funds for required items not included as well as for copying needs.
  • Plan for and expect a full implementation with fidelity.


  • Schedule 80 minutes each day for math.
  • Plan for teacher prep time, especially the first year.
  • Allocate wall space for the Calendar Grid and other anchor charts.

Request a Preview

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