Bridges in Mathematics


Inquiry-based elementary programs
Bridges Intervention

Case Study: DeSoto Public School District, LA

Engaging Young Learners

Bridges is engaging DeSoto Parish students in math and teaching them to become creative problem solvers. As one principal said, “When you teach it from a conceptual level, it’s amazing the things that they can figure out.

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Bridges Intervention

Case Study: Leander Independent School District, TX

Confidence Is Key

With Bridges, Leander students’ confidence in math is growing as they learn multiple strategies for problem solving. And, as one educator put it, “Most importantly, we’ve seen an increase in students loving math.”

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Bridges Intervention

Case Study: Lake Forest Schools, IL

The Power of Perseverance

Lake Forest educators credit Bridges with helping them teach students valuable life skills. A district math specialist says, “They are no longer being told how to do something. They are discovering how to do something.”

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