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What better way to prepare teachers than to use examples from real classroom materials? The content from the second edition of our elementary curriculum, Bridges in Mathematics, is now available for free.

Schools of education or university instructors may request a free subscription to the Bridges Educator Site. This "teacher portal" contains the full contents of Bridges in Mathematics in PDF format as well as a host of support resources.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of this program?

A: As a mission-driven organization we're interested in promoting best practices in math education. By providing this free resource we hope to contribute to elementary teacher education and professional development. In particular, we believe these Bridges materials may be useful for math methods courses.

Q: Do participants incur any obligations?

A: No. There are no implied or explicit obligations beyond those described in the standard user agreement for the Bridges Educator Site. University contacts are, however, required to manage account assignments to ensure the total remains within the agreed upon number of user accounts.

Q: Can participants use these Bridges materials outside the university setting?

A: The intention of the Bridges University Program is to provide a resource to support academic coursework. Accounts and the related content are not offered for the personal use of participants outside of this context. Note, however, appropriate use could include using the materials in external settings, e.g., student teaching.

Q: What is the process for getting set up?

A: The first step is to request a preview account to the Bridges Educator Site. After you have previewed the site and confirmed it would be a useful resource, contact Shanel Parette  to transition from a preview account to a standard account. At that time you should also estimate the total number of concurrent accounts you would need within an academic year.

Q: If I know of a school district interested in Bridges how can they get more information?

A: Please refer them to the Bridges section of our website. They can also request a preview account to the Bridges Educator Site.

f you have additional questions, please direct them here .