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Count, explore number patterns, or create your own grid with fractions, decimals, and more. 

App Tutorial

Learn all about this app with a set of fun challenges for teachers and students.

The Number Chart app is a tool for exploring numbers in a grid format. Learners can use one of the standard charts – such as a 10 x 10 grid with the numbers 1-100 – or they can create their own custom chart of any size and fill it with fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers. They can also use the stamp tool to identify patterns or make conjectures about the number system. In addition, teachers can use the Number Chart app for choral counting by using the play and pause buttons in the lower tray.

While a hundreds chart and variations are often used in classrooms, the virtual Number Chart is an open-ended, web-based tool that allows for exploration in elementary classrooms.

The hundreds chart appears throughout Bridges in Mathematics, second edition. Online preview available.

App Features

  • Load one of four standard number charts:
    1-100 (10 x 10)
    1-120 (12 x 10)
    1-200 (10 x 20)
    10-1000 (10 x 10, counting by 10s)
  • Create your own number chart up to 20 x 20, and fill it with fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers.
  • Stamp any of the squares with 10 different stamps in 6 different colors.
  • Use the “Stamp Every…” tool to create a pattern by stamping every __ square on the chart, starting at __.”
  • Use the Show and Hide buttons to hide numbers or to reveal hidden numbers.  
  • Use the Choral Counting feature to display one number at a time (while students count along).
  • Share your work by saving an image or creating an 8-character code and link to send to others.

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