Bridges in Mathematics

Announcing Bridges in Mathematics Third Edition!

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Classroom Packages by Grade Level

Each Bridges in Mathematics Second Edition classroom package includes printed Teachers Guides, manipulatives, games and activities, and access to the Bridges Educator Site.

The Bridges Educator Site provides 24/7 online access and always up-to-date content for the full curriculum. All Teachers Guides, teacher masters, game components, and student materials are available as PDF files for easy viewing and downloading. Request a preview.

Grade Level
Teachers Guides
Games & Activities

K–5 Student Books

Student books include instructions, worksheets, and record sheets for independent practice, and homework. All books are included in PDF form as part of the Bridges Educators Site, allowing teachers to print pages as needed.  While the content of student books is required, the purchase of pre-printed consumable copies is optional. (Color covers, black and white pages). Also available in Spanish.

Bridges Student Book

The Bridges Student Book supports participation in whole-group investigations and games.

Number Corner Student Book

The Number Corner Student Book presents opportunities for independent practice and engagement with the skills and concepts covered in the daily workouts.

Home Connections

Home Connections—family-friendly assignments that include games and activities as well as worksheets for students to complete independently—offer another source of practice and reinforcement.