Bridges Achieves Highest EdReports Rating

Collin Nelson

Bridges in Mathematics Second Edition was evaluated by EdReports  and met all three major criteria at each grade level. This places Bridges among the very few programs that have achieved the organization’s highest rating.

EdReports is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educators with a trusted resource for independent reviews of classroom curricula. Their rigorous process evaluates how closely curricula align to the Common Core State Standards using three main criteria: (1) Focus and Coherence, (2) Rigor and the Mathematical Practices, and (3) Instructional Supports and Other Usability Indicators.

After a thorough review of Bridges, EdReports found that Bridges materials are coherent, follow a logical progression, balance all three aspects of rigor, devote effort to the math practices, and develop conceptual understanding of key mathematical concepts. EdReports also deemed Bridges highly usable noting that in terms of “use and design, the problems and exercises are developed sequentially and each activity has a mathematical purpose.”

“We appreciate the important role EdReports plays in terms of evaluating curricula and we’re gratified they found Bridges to be among the best” said Rick Ludeman, MLC president.

To see the report and learn more about EdReports, visit their website here .

Collin Nelson is a marketing coordinator for MLC.