Grade-Level Support Webinars Have Arrived!

This week The Math Learning Center began what will become a regular series of  support webinars for Bridges Educators in grades K–5. We will be hosting these webinars throughout the 2020–2021 school year. The intent is to provide teachers support to explore the resources that MLC has created and guidance for how they might use them to support students. The grade-level support webinars will be one hour long, with 45 minutes devoted to unpacking the upcoming unit of study and 15 minutes reserved for addressing frequently asked questions.

Bridges educators interested in the grade-level support webinars have two options.   

  1. Attend in-person. MLC currently has registration links posted on the News and Announcements section of the Bridges Educator Site as well as the PD Opportunities section of the public Math Learning Center webpage. All Bridges educators who register for the webinar will also receive a followup email with a recording of the webinar in case they are unable to attend in person. A registration link is provided here for your convenience.

bridges unit 2 grade level webinars

  1. View a replay of the webinar at your convenience. All grade-level support webinars will be recorded and made available to Bridges educators on the PD Opportunities section of The  Math Learning Center public webpage. Below you can see several of the replays currently available for viewing.

webinar replays

In addition, The Math Learning Center will provide a certificate of attendance to all Bridges educators who attend a grade-level support webinar in person and to those who view the recorded webinar at a later date. We hope that you consider registering for and attending a grade-level support webinar in the future!