Helping at Home: Mathematical Practice Cards for Families

Rosalyn Miller, Teacher in Residence at MLC

As teachers, we strive to develop classrooms full of competent, confident mathematicians, and we know the vital role families have in supporting that work.

But families, in turn, may also need support. The Math Learning Center’s Mathematical Practice Cards for Families can help.

The Mathematical Practice Cards are a simple set of four two-sided cards based on the Math Practice Standards and designed for quick reference. The cards may be stored or posted near where the child works at home for easy access.


The front of each card introduces a Math Practice Standard in the form of a question and offers general tips for supporting a child’s mathematical thinking. The back of each card includes a set of questions that align with the standard.


Mathematical Practice Cards

A previous post in this blog series and its accompanying handout, Helping at Home: Asking Questions, point out that by expressing curiosity, families can build a child’s confidence and encourage the habit of justifying their reasoning. A detailed understanding of the standards isn’t necessary. Families can make the questions a part of their routine by asking one or two each time they work with their child at home. 

We suggest printing the cards back-to-back on cardstock, cutting them, and storing them in an envelope or on a ring for easy access.

Welcome to our Helping at Home series. If you have ideas for future topics to support families, please share them in the comments section below. Up next: Using Language Intentionally .