Introducing Bridges to Families in Your Community

Mike Wallus, Vice President for Educator Support

Now more than ever, families are looking for ways to support their students’ mathematics education. They may not know where to start—the Bridges in Mathematics approach might appear a bit different from the way they were taught math. How can Bridges educators offer families a chance to see what a Bridges classroom looks like? How can they offer ideas and options for fostering their students’ math thinking? 

To support Bridges schools and districts, The Math Learning Center has created a Family and Community Overview video. This 10-minute video is filled with photos and footage of students in Bridges classrooms. Parents have an opportunity to see children engaged in problem solving, Work Place games, and turn-and-talks with their peers.   

Kids participating in Turn and Talk

The video gives families a brief description of visual models and the important role they play in supporting students’ mathematical thinking. We’ve also included footage of educators from different parts of the country describing the impact of Bridges on their children’s engagement, esteem, and understanding.  

Adrian Velasquez, 3rd grade

The video concludes with a focus on the For Families section of The Math Learning Center homepage, where families can find MLC’s free math apps and Math at Home resources.

App Activities Page
Families are invited to explore the resources available on The Math Learning Center homepage. 

The Bridges Family and Community overview video can be found on the Bridges Educator Site in the Engaging with Families section of the Professional Development  Library and in the For Families section of  The Math Learning Center website. We hope you find this resource helpful. Please tell us how you use it to engage families in your school or district!

Family and Community Overview Video