Number Corner Aligns

Jami Smith

Learning List, a K-12 instructional materials evaluation service, recently released independent alignment reports and an editorial review of Number Corner second edition. Grades K-5 were found to address on average 95% of the Common Core State Standards. Correlations to the Texas state standards (TEKS) are also available from MLC and Learning List.

Number Corner and Learning List

"The objective third-party reviews offered by Learning List provide a valuable service for educators and publishers," said Rick Ludeman, MLC president. "They do an excellent job of running a strong process while remaining responsive.”

MLC's correlations are available on the grade level pages within the Number Corner section of our website.

To find out more about the reviews and tools offered by Learning List, contact them at or (512) 852-2131 to schedule a webinar.

Jami Smith is a media specialist for MLC.