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Teacher Support 

Bridges Breakout: Number Rack contains a great deal of background information, pedagogy and in-the-moment professional learning. The resources on this page supplement those materials with

  • An introductory webinar

  • Print files for student materials

  • Links to games and app-based problems

  • Research on the number rack model

  • Assessment resources

An Introduction

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Student-Facing Materials



Sentence Frames

Sentence frames provide a starting point for discussions with your students.

Download Sentence Frames

The Number Rack Games cover


Extensions: Games

Try these additional games with your students or encourage them to try them with family and friends.

Download Games

Number Rack example 7


Number Rack App

This free app is available via web browser, iPad or Chrome device. No registration or login required!

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For Teachers: Number Rack & Math Background Materials

Problem Types

This document unpacks the different types of problems students will encounter within Bridges Breakout: Number Rack.

Problem Types

Fact Strategies

The Bridges Breakout: Number Rack book references this document throughout as a resource for educators looking to learn more about student understanding of various skills and concepts.

Fact Strategies

Trends Tool

The Trends in Student Thinking: Number Sense and Addition and Subtraction Within 20 Data Tool supports teachers as they check for and systematically document children's understanding. 

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Bridges Breakout: Number Rack is a comprehensive resource containing 22 activities, 10 student number racks, and 22 task cards.

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