Bridges Intervention

Bridges Intervention Components

Bridges Intervention offers an expert combination of tools to bring success within reach of students at risk of falling behind and is flexible enough to be used with any elementary math curriculum.

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Classroom Materials

Each Bridges Intervention set includes an extensive collection of math-specific materials ideal for small-group instruction. Custom game pieces and carefully selected manipulatives make learning fun and interesting.


Games and Activities

Bridges Intervention works with students’ natural aptitude to learn through play, an approach especially important for struggling math learners. Games and activities consolidate and extend their comprehension of key skills and concepts. The kit features colorful premade components including card decks, spinners, and game boards that support each volume.


Concrete representations of shapes and visual models provide tools for individual and small-group inquiry. Each Bridges Intervention set includes a manipulative kit that supports up to six students per volume.

Bridges Intervention also incorporates our collection of free virtual manipulatives. 


Teachers Guides



Printed Teachers Guides are designed for classroom use. The versatile three-ring-binder format allows teachers to add notes and other reference materials. (Color covers, black and white pages.) All guides are also available in electronic form on the Bridges Educator Site. 


Content for Bridges Intervention is divided into nine volumes. Each begins with an introduction to the core mathematical content and includes helpful charts for teacher planning.

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Each volume contains 8–13 modules that together constitute a coherent sequence of instruction on specific domains.


Each module contains 5 sessions, for a total of 40–65 sessions per volume. The first 4 sessions feature warm-ups, a game or activity, and a guided practice page. Every 5th session is devoted to quick assessments designed to monitor students’ progress. A session is intended to last about 30 minutes.