A unique blend of direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration.

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An engaging selection of visual models, manipulatives, games, apps and other unique learning materials

Seeing, touching, and sketching ideas create pictures in the mind’s eye, helping learners construct, understand, and apply mathematical ideas. Bridges incorporates increasingly complex visual models, including the number line and the array models, in a coherent framework across the curriculum.

Research, Results, and Correlations


EdReports Review

Bridges is one of the few elementary math programs that achieved EdReport’s highest rating.


Effectiveness Study

An independent study found that students who use Bridges perform better than their peers.


Research Base

Bridges draws upon decades of research on the best methods for teaching and learning math.


Standards Correlations

See how Bridges in Mathematics aligns with state standards.

The Bridges program has been rewarding not only for students, but also for teachers as I've observed them developing their own understandings about math. 

Math coach — Wentachee, WA

Bridges is everything I have wanted in a program. I am seeing growth like never before, and most importantly I see students realizing that math is thinking and problem solving, not just factual data processing.

Grade 3 teacher — Deerfield, IL

I am so grateful to finally have a curriculum that digs deep into the concepts!

Grade 5 teacher — Lakeland, WA

We went from an unexciting, monotonous math text to Bridges. Teaching math has become exciting again.

Grade 1 teacher — Milton, WI

Parents in our district have been totally supportive of this program. They have commented on the differences they have observed between older children, who had a traditional program, and their younger ones who have had Bridges. 
The teachers who live in our district, including two math teachers, have been emphatic about their desire to see us continue to use the Bridges program and to expand it to the higher grades. 

Principal — Milton, WI

The Buzz About Bridges