Rather than addressing one or two content areas per unit as in the elementary grades, Bridges Pre-K offers young learners opportunities each month to:

  • Count, sort, and pattern
  • Compare objects and attributes such as size, length, weight, and capacity
  • Compose and decompose numbers and shapes

The instruction is carefully sequenced along research-based learning progressions, increasing incrementally and gradually in challenge level through the year.

There are nine units of instruction corresponding to the nine months of the school year. Each unit is divided into four modules, with five sessions per module, for a total of 180 possible sessions. Each unit introduction includes suggestions for ways teachers can adapt the content to fit their calendars and their classroom needs.

Pre-K Story Collections

Bridges Pre-K includes a collection of nine beautifully illustrated readaloud books, one for each unit of Bridges Pre-K. Each book presents 2 to 4 mathematically rich stories for particular Number Corner workouts or Problems & Investigations activities. The selections feature theme-based counting and numeral recognition, sequencing, shapes and locations, and very early addition and subtraction.

The full story collection set is included in every Bridges Pre-K Package, but can be purchased separately, or individual stories can be downloaded for free.

Content Outline and Samples



  • Introducing Pumpkins & Leaves
  • Pumpkin Problems, Puppet Counting & Work Places
  • Five Autumn Leaves
  • Cricket's Leaves



  • Introducing Snowflakes
  • New Games
  • Winter Countdown
  • Cricket's Snowflakes




  • Introducing Robots
  • Tally Marks & Colored Dots
  • Collecting Robotic Vehicles
  • Six Silly Robots


  • Introducing Ladybugs
  • Ladybug Spots
  • Collecting Butterflies & Flowers
  • What Comes Next?


  • Sink & Float
  • Five Little Ducks & More
  • Boats
  • Tub Toys & Cricket Games