MLC Fall Intervention Conference

Intervention Leadership Conference Phoenix 2022

The Math Learning Center is pleased to announce that registration is now open for our first Intervention Leadership Conference (ILC). The 2022 ILC will offer administrators, curriculum specialists and instructional leaders tools for initiating and sustaining an asset-based mathematics intervention system at a classroom, school or district level. The event will feature powerful keynotes from Dr. Rachel Lambert, Dr. Juanita Silva and Dr. Jessica Hunt. Engaging speakers, breakout sessions focused on advancing an asset-based vision for intervention and opportunities to network with other intervention leaders are just some of what you’ll find at the ILC.

A Different Way of Thinking About Intervention and Student Learning

  1. Identify the features of an asset-based intervention system broadly, as well as features specific to participants' local school or district
  2. Understand why asset-based learning environments are important for children and recognize the barriers that often prevent the implementation of asset-based intervention
  3. Learn ways to focus on assets throughout an intervention system
  4. Draft individual or team-based action plans for shifting toward an asset-based intervention system within participants' local school or district 

This year’s ILC takes place at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel in Tempe, AZ, on October 21–22. The cost of registration is $575 per attendee, which includes breakfast and lunch at the two-day event. Collaboration and teamwork are an important part of initiating and sustaining instructional practices. That’s why for every person registered by a school or district, The Math Learning Center will offer a second event registration free of charge. 

Note: Proof of a negative COVID test 48 hours prior to the event will be required of all attendees regardless of vaccination status.

If you are interested, sign up early. Participation is limited, and we expect this event to fill quickly! You’ll find more details and a link to register below.


Rooms at the Tempe Mission Palms are offered at special conference pricing for attendees. Booking your hotel room in The Math Learning Center block of rooms at the above hotel supports MLC in meeting our contractual obligations to produce the conference. In turn, this helps us keep your conference costs lower.




Keynote Presenters

Dr. Rachel Lambert

Rachel Lambert is an assistant professor in special education and mathematics education at the Gervitz Graduate School of Education at University of California Santa Barbara. Her goal is to increase access to meaningful mathematics for students with disabilities. Dr. Lambert has published critical analysis of the academic fields of special education and mathematics education, particularly for the deficit construction of students with disabilities within these fields. As an alternative to deficit constructions of students with disabilities, her recent work has proposed shifting intervention from a singular focus on what students know to how students engage in the mathematical practices. She is currently researching how students with learning disabilities can be supported to more deeply engage in meaningful mathematics routines such as counting collections and number strings, as well as the integration of the Standards for Mathematical Practice into Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Dr. Rachel Lambert

Dr Jessica Hunt

Jessica Hunt is an associate professor of mathematics education and special education at North Carolina State University. She began her career in education as a middle school mathematics teacher in a technology demonstration school in Florida. From that work, she grew to love teaching students at risk for mathematics difficulties or disabilities. Dr. Hunt argues that mathematics instruction for these students should (a) uncover strengths, (b) give access to their mathematical reasoning, and (c) support the advance of that reasoning.

Dr. Hunt’s research supports a re-conceptualization of research and instructional practice using practices from both mathematics education and special education such that students with disabilities can build mathematics proficiency. Specifically, she designs and tests asset-based learning environments to understand, support, and extend processes of student learning. She currently works with school districts, principals, teachers, and their students as a partner to better design asset-based learning tools for number, rational number, and multiplicative reasoning.

Dr. Jessica Hunt

Dr. Juanita Silva

Juanita Silva is an assistant professor at Texas State University in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Silva received her PhD from the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to beginning her doctorate work, Dr. Silva taught middle school mathematics for five years at a public school in Dallas, TX, with culturally diverse populations. Dr. Silva’s research examines the role of instruction in fostering mathematical agency among traditionally marginalized student populations. Her work focuses on the use of children’s mathematical thinking in mathematical discussions with Latinx emergent bilinguals who have identified learning disability labels.

Dr. Juanita Silva