2024 events

2024 Events


NCTE-NCTM 2024 2024

Hyatt Regency
New Orleans, LA

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) are pleased to announce the creation of a Joint Conference on K-5/Elementary Literacy and Mathematics.

The NCTE-NCTM Joint Conference will provide elementary teachers and leaders with the opportunity to develop their skills in mathematics and language arts as well as engage in teaching practices and strategies that support connected learning and engagement in both domains.


Shelly Sheafer

Math Is Everywhere! Mathematizing the Early Childhood Classroom with Stories and Routines

  • Shelly Sheafer
  • Mark Heasley
  • Jessica Reisfelt
Empire D, Hyatt Regency New Orleans
Shelly Sheafer

Are My Students Fluent? Using Observations and Learning Progressions As Formative Math Assessment to Move Students from Counting to Computation

  • Shelly Sheafer
Bolden 2, Hyatt Regency New Orleans
Natalie Crist

Promoting Student Choice and Voice: Problem Posing, Strategy Sharing, and Collaboration to Engage and Empower Students

  • Natalie Crist
Bolden 6, Hyatt Regency New Orleans
Patrick Vennebush

Punz and Puzzles

  • Patrick Vennebush
Strand 11 A/B, Hyatt Regency New Orleans
Nicole Rigelman

Noticing and Building Upon Students’ Mathematical Brilliance: Using the Trends in Student Thinking Data Tool to Blur the Line Between Instruction and Assessment

  • Nicole Rigelman
  • Mary Duden
Strand 12 A/B, Hyatt Regency New Orleans
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Virtual Leadership Institute 2024

Join us as we explore ways to expand access, enhance understanding, and cultivate belonging in Bridges classrooms.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a coach, an instructional leader or an administrator, a university faculty member or part of a local educational agency, you know the joys and challenges that accompany student-centered, asset-based implementation of the Bridges curriculum.

We need your voice to be part of the conversation as we work together to advance this work in schools and districts across the country.

VLI is now at full capacity.


Patrick Vennebush

Developing a Problem-Solving Culture in the Elementary Grades

  • Patrick Vennebush
Natalie Crist

Problem Posing, Strategy Sharing, and Collaboration to Engage and Empower Students

  • Natalie Crist
Tisha Jones

Don’t Stop Believin': Cultivating belonging and empowering students through Concept Quests

  • Tisha Jones
  • Alyson Eaglen
Jenina Rothstein

Supporting Students by Supporting Teachers

  • Jenina Rothstein
  • Amy Hoff
LaKeshia Cooper

Affirming Identity and Challenging Marginalization During Discourse

  • LaKeshia Cooper
  • Susan Hammer
Corey Drake

Putting Equity into Practice Using Curriculum Materials

  • Corey Drake
  • Mike Wallus
Jenn Christensen

Using Asset-Based Teaching to Cultivate Belonging in the Bridges Classroom

  • Jenn Christensen
  • Jenn Ranum
Andrea Manston

Navigating Curriculum Implementation When Time Is Your Missing Ingredient

  • Andrea Manston
  • Alyssa Gilbertson
Beth Chinderle

Introducing Bridges in Mathematics Third Edition

  • Beth Chinderle
Jaime Green-Estrada

Shifting from Theory to Action: Challenging Spaces of Marginality

  • Jaime Green-Estrada
  • Melissa Greenwald
Jilian Whaley

Enhancing Equity & Access for All Students in the Immersion Classroom

  • Jilian Whaley
  • Katie Colon
Beth Joswick

Engaging and Refining Rough Draft Math Thinking Using SpotCheck

  • Beth Joswick
  • Jennifer Amato
  • Julie Tylman
Lori Bluemel

Bridges Intervention: An Overview

  • Lori Bluemel
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