Bridges Intervention Kits Now Available

Collin Nelson

Bridges Intervention

When Bridges Intervention was released in digital-only format last year, Bridges Second Edition users reacted with great enthusiasm. Many were quick to realize the power of this unique intervention program.

“Bridges Intervention has changed the way our elementary teachers and students view math intervention. We no longer have to place students in front of a computer to address their needs and then assess learning with long, multiple-choice tests. Within only a few months of using these materials, students and teachers recognized the positive impact of the program."

           - Math Curricular Leader, Clinton Township, MI

Bridges Intervention materials are now available as complete kits including teacher guides, game and activity components, and manipulatives. This new offering responds to the growing need for intervention programs that provide targeted instruction and support in Tier 2 environments.

Bridges Intervention offers educators the tools they need to accelerate learning for students at risk of falling behind. The nine volumes contain activities, games, and practice pages for reteaching key numeracy skills and concepts. While Bridges Intervention shares many visual models and strategies with Bridges in Mathematics, the program can be used alongside any elementary mathematics curriculum.

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