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Martha Ruttle

Greater Coherence

The CCSSM emphasize coherence within and across grade levels. This means that students’ experiences with a mathematical topic should be clearly tied to what they have already learned in earlier grade levels and what they will learn in the future. It also means that instruction should be carefully sequenced and that teachers should help students make connections between topics.

Hannah Chandler

Getting to know your students well

The first step in building a strong classroom community is getting to know your students as individuals. When children feel known, understood, and cared about, they are better able to develop relationships with you and with their peers.

Jami Smith

Here are some of the districts that have adopted Bridges Second Edition this month:

Martha Ruttle

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics prompt teachers to significantly change both what they teach and how they teach it. In a series of posts, we’ll address the three characteristics of the new content standards likely to have the biggest impact on the way you teach math—tighter focus, greater coherence, and increased rigor.

Hannah Chandler

"We must convey, from the very first day, the important message that we will tackle challenging material and do high-quality work in our classroom. But we must also convey that we will tackle this material and do this high-quality work in an atmosphere of support and collaboration." – Denton & Kriete, 2000

Allyn Fisher

"Assessment should be more than merely a test at the end of instruction to see how students perform under special conditions; rather it should be an integral part of instruction that informs and guides teachers as they make instructional decisions." – NCTM