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Cynthia Hockman-Chupp

After teaching the Constant Difference strategy for subtraction to at least six different groups of teachers and students in third and fourth grade over the past month, I think I finally hit on a winning tool: the Number Line app. Here’s what I did.

Ana Butler

This is the scene that plays out all too frequently in my house at homework time. Books, notebooks, and worksheets are spread all over the dining room table.

Collin Nelson

We’ve seen a ton of great activity on Twitter lately. Teachers are sharing pictures of their students having fun in Work Places, during Number Corner, and using MLC apps.

Cinda Orr

In honor of Digital Learning Day, I want to share resources and digital tools that celebrate education innovation. I believe that when we choose the right technology we help develop active learners invested in their learning experience. 

Lisa Lord

Computers, laptops, tablets, phones … I can envision these becoming standard tools of my classroom just as calculators, pencils, rulers, and markers are.

Collin Nelson

Whenever I go to a conference, people stop by our booth to play around with our manipulatives and apps. Nearly everyone says something to the effect of, “Oh cool!” or “I’m downloading that as soon as I get home.”

Jon Seibert

When I was going through school, I always gravitated toward mathematics (and math-based science classes). I never really thought about what math actually is, only that, well, I liked it. As long as my grades were good, I didn’t really pause to consider what the numbers stood for.