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Cinda Orr

In honor of Digital Learning Day, I want to share resources and digital tools that celebrate education innovation. I believe that when we choose the right technology we help develop active learners invested in their learning experience. 

Lisa Lord

Computers, laptops, tablets, phones … I can envision these becoming standard tools of my classroom just as calculators, pencils, rulers, and markers are.

Collin Nelson

Whenever I go to a conference, people stop by our booth to play around with our manipulatives and apps. Nearly everyone says something to the effect of, “Oh cool!” or “I’m downloading that as soon as I get home.”

Jon Seibert

When I was going through school, I always gravitated toward mathematics (and math-based science classes). I never really thought about what math actually is, only that, well, I liked it. As long as my grades were good, I didn’t really pause to consider what the numbers stood for.

Shelly Scheafer

The "Four Cs"—critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication—are widely recognized as the hallmark of 21st century learning.

Cynthia Hockman-Chupp

One of my fifth grade students walked into class and said, “My mom doesn’t get why we don’t just say ‘the answer’ instead of ‘product.’ I had to teach her what a product is!”

Ana Butler

Recently I watched a toddler in a doctor’s office working to sort shapes in one of those wooden shape sorter benches. He concentrated intently on his work. Rather than trying a block in each opening, he would study the block in his hand carefully before attempting to fit it into the correct spot. Often he had the right shape but needed to reposition it to fit.