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Carrie Baker

Asking students questions and inviting them to ask questions of their own can help you discover and address their individual strengths and needs. You can tier questions and problems according to level of challenge, generally progressing from well-rooted, shared understandings toward higher-level work. This allows all students to contribute to the discussion as learning is constructed.

Martha Ruttle

Increased Rigor

With the tighter focus of the CCSSM comes greater depth and increased rigor. You’ll need to offer students many opportunities to develop conceptual understanding, practice key skills, and apply their skills and understandings to novel situations and problems.

Hannah Chandler

Creating an environment that supports risk taking

In a collaborative classroom, students share their work, think aloud, ask questions, and work together. For this sharing and collaboration to be effective, they must feel comfortable taking risks and making mistakes.

Jami Smith

Here are some of the districts that have adopted Bridges Second Edition this month:

Carrie Baker

Just as your students have different learning styles, intelligence strengths, preferred tools, and ways to express themselves, they also have preferences about social interaction. All of these preferences can powerfully affect learning.

Martha Ruttle

Greater Coherence

The CCSSM emphasize coherence within and across grade levels. This means that students’ experiences with a mathematical topic should be clearly tied to what they have already learned in earlier grade levels and what they will learn in the future. It also means that instruction should be carefully sequenced and that teachers should help students make connections between topics.

Hannah Chandler

Getting to know your students well

The first step in building a strong classroom community is getting to know your students as individuals. When children feel known, understood, and cared about, they are better able to develop relationships with you and with their peers.