Guided Math Seminar - November

Jami Smith

What is guided math?  

Guided math is a structured, practical way of matching math instruction to the diverse individual learners in the classroom. This approach respects the belief that every child is capable of learning and understanding mathematics and recognizes that students learn to do mathematics at varying rates of development and over time. Guided Math

November Dates

  • Nov 18 Minneapolis, MN
  • Nov 19 Winnipeg, MB
  • Nov 20 Regina, SK
  • Nov 21 Edmonton, AB
  • Nov 22 Calgary, AB

In this highly practical seminar , Dr. Barbara Blanke will share a variety of easy‑to‑use guided math techniques, including how to create, set up, implement, and manage small guided math groups designed to better meet your students’ needs – from those who excel in math to those who struggle with basic math skills. 

Jami Smith is a graphic designer and social media manager for MLC.