Our Newly Remodeled Website

Collin Nelson

You may have noticed some changes to our website recently. These changes were made in an effort to simplify the content and improve navigation. The biggest change by far is to our collection of free, downloadable materials. Not only did we move these materials from our online catalog, but we also expanded the collection. Most notably, we added two programs, Visual Mathematics and Algebra Through Visual Patterns. Along with the many Math and the Minds Eye units for grades 6–12, these materials provide a wealth of lessons for secondary classrooms.  

We also moved our collection of free apps from our online catalog. These apps are based on the visual models featured in Bridges® in Mathematics but can be used alongside any elementary math curricula. In addition to the free materials and apps, we reorganized the Resources section of the website to include our Materials Grants, Bridges University Program, and Math Education Scholarships.

A significant amount of attention was given to the For Families section. This section is intended to support parents and others with a student in a Bridges classroom. The Bridges second edition section is organized by grade level and includes information specific to Bridges such as Unit Overviews and frequently asked questions, as well as additional resources that are not specific to Bridges such as links to online math games.

To see these and all the other changes, we invite you to further explore the new website. For any feedback on the website, please send an email to collinn@mathlearningcenter.org.

Collin Nelson is the marketing coordinator for MLC