Common Core Math Standards

Collin Nelson

Learning List

Learning Lista K-12 instructional materials evaluation service, recently released independent alignment reports and an editorial review of Bridges in Mathematics second edition. Each grade level K-5 was found to address 100% of the Common Core State Standards.

Jami Smith

Dan Meyer, former high school math teacher presented a TEDtalk titled “Math class needs a makeover.” In this witty examination of a typical high school math lesson, Meyer outlines his teaching techniques which are anything but typical.

Jami Smith

The Number Frames App is now available for download! Here's a quick overview of how the app works. 

Jami Smith

We are excited to be attending the NCTM Annual Meeting in New Orleans this year! In addition to showcasing Bridges Second Edition and our growing collection of virtual manipulatives, we will be hosting five presentations on various topics.

Pia Hansen

I recently helped co-host a S’more Math Family Night event that was a hit for all involved.

Jami Smith

Watch this short video to learn more about free downloadable lesson plans and student activities available from The Math Learning Center. 

Hannah Chandler

Computational fluency means more than quickly producing correct answers. It requires conceptual understanding and is exhibited through efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. As you guide your students to mathematical fluency, you will give them many opportunities to construct relationships among numbers to make sense of basic facts and be able to retrieve them.

Martha Ruttle

The Common Core State Standards identify eight mathematical practices that characterize the ways in which mathematically proficient students engage with mathematics. The content standards describe what students are doing in mathematics, and the practices describe how they are doing it.

Martha Ruttle

Increased Rigor

With the tighter focus of the CCSSM comes greater depth and increased rigor. You’ll need to offer students many opportunities to develop conceptual understanding, practice key skills, and apply their skills and understandings to novel situations and problems.

Martha Ruttle

Greater Coherence

The CCSSM emphasize coherence within and across grade levels. This means that students’ experiences with a mathematical topic should be clearly tied to what they have already learned in earlier grade levels and what they will learn in the future. It also means that instruction should be carefully sequenced and that teachers should help students make connections between topics.


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