Common Core Math Standards

Martha Ruttle

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics prompt teachers to significantly change both what they teach and how they teach it. In a series of posts, we’ll address the three characteristics of the new content standards likely to have the biggest impact on the way you teach math—tighter focus, greater coherence, and increased rigor.

Rick Ludeman

The Number Rack, or Rekenrek, was designed to support the natural mathematical development of children and specifically to help them generate a variety of addition and subtraction strategies.

Our free activity book, Using the Rekenrek as a Visual Model for Strategic Reasoning in

Rick Ludeman

The Math Learning Center announces the second edition of Bridges in Mathematics K-5 . Written specifically for the Common Core State Standards, the new edition includes several new visual models such as the Number Line and the Number Rack (also known as the Rekenrek). 

Rick Ludeman

The Math and the Mind's Eye series has been correlated to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Content. In addition to an overall map of how the series meets CCSSM, a correlations document was created for each of the 14 units.

"Math and the Mind's Eye


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