Grade 2

Vi Tamargo, Curriculum Developer, Professional Learning

In this series of blog posts, we highlight educators in the field who are using remote learning resources intentionally to build classroom community, collaboration, and student sense-making.

This year, Bridges educators are adapting instruction to unique situations and varied circumstances. While some Bridges educators are teaching in person (with safety protocols in place) or 100% remotely, many are teaching in mixed, hybrid situations. In these settings, some students attend class in person while others join in “live” using Zoom or Google Meet. In

Number Pieces App with share code
Mike Wallus, Director of Educator Support

In a remote environment, how can Bridges educators provide appropriate scaffolds and be responsive to student thinking? Sharing MLC apps with students can be a powerful approach, particularly when working with students in an asynchronous setting. 

What does it mean to share with an MLC app? Put simply, Bridges educators can build a “saved state” task that they share with their students by way of an 8-character share code or link. After completing the task, students can share their thinking with their teachers and classmates. 

For example, in the

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