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Vi Tamargo, Curriculum Developer, Professional Learning

The Math Learning Center is excited to offer a selection of Math at Home activities on the Seesaw platform! Seesaw, with its ability to capture student thinking via voice and drawing, is a wonderful tool for Math at Home activities. 

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Shelly Scheafer, Bridges Teacher

It’s spring! The sun is shining, plants are growing, and frogs and bugs abound. At The Math Learning Center, we’ve created some fun app activities with springtime themes to help get your math blooming!

Like February’s popular Share the Math Love celebration, each of the following activities includes the Share Your Work feature. You can send students a link or code to access the activity, whether they’re using devices in

Mike Wallus, Vice President for Educator Support

Given the past year’s unique circumstances, we know many teachers are thinking about how Bridges will look and sound once when they return to in-person learning. The Math Learning Center is pleased to introduce Getting (Re)Started; a series of three webinars, designed to support teachers as they transition from remote to in-person learning. 

Our curriculum consultants LaKeshia Cooper and Jennifer Christensen will lead an engaging review and discussion of the instructional practices that create the Bridges classroom experience. Each 45-minute webinar will focus on one of the three

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Rosalyn Miller, Teacher in Residence at MLC

Raise your hand if you’ve heard a parent or guardian ask how they can help with home learning. Providing guidance to families can play a critical role in establishing a growth mindset in children.

We know that a large body of research has confirmed the impact of parents’ beliefs about math on their children’s achievement. (See this article from You Cubed to learn more.) As Bridges educators, we also understand the importance of valuing a child’s process in problem-

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Mike Wallus, Vice President for Educator Support

In a 1-hour webinar this week, our curriculum consultants led a guided exploration of the Bridges Intervention Resources created for the 2020–2021 school year.

Mike Wallus, Vice President for Educator Support

Below you will find the full replay of the TEAs for Seesaw webinar we hosted earlier this week with Seesaw’s Kris Szajner. These TEAs, short for Tech-Enhanced Activities, are available on the Seesaw platform for grades K–2 and are linked from the Bridges Educator Site (login required). The webinar provided an overview of the resources, previewed a sample activity, and answered questions about using TEAs for synchronous, asynchronous, and blended learning environments.

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Vi Tamargo, Curriculum Developer, Professional Learning

To support educators delivering instruction in synchronous, asynchronous, and blended learning environments, last summer The Math Learning Center began releasing Tech-Enhanced Activities (TEAs). These are activities designed for, and adapted from, Bridges in Mathematics and created with the Google suite of apps. Now, we’re excited to announce the release of TEAs for Seesaw for grades K–2!