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New Free Resources for Secondary Classrooms
Collin Nelson

Last year we added Math and the Mind’s Eye to our collection of free resources. Math and the Mind’s Eye is a supplemental program based on visual models that can be taught in sequence or used as individual lessons.

Our Newly Remodeled Website
Collin Nelson

You may have noticed some changes to our website recently. These changes were made in an effort to simplify the content and improve navigation.

What Was Wrong with the Old Way?
Justin Brown

We’ve all had those conversations in which someone laments that math isn’t taught the same way it was “in the good ole days.” Our understanding of best practices in mathematics has changed, and change can be difficult for everyone.

Rick Ludeman

The second edition of Bridges and Number Corner launched in 2013, and since then The Math Learning Center has continued to offer materials and support for first edition users.

what do you notice blog
Spencer Olmsted
I was recently at a workshop where the leader brought up the base-ten area pieces on the document camera. She asked the teachers seated in the audience, “What do you notice?”
Martha Ruttle
In his August 2016 President’s Message, current NCTM President Matt Larson examines the relationship between the growing availability of open educational resources and curricular coherence. He explains that “[a] critical feature of high-quality curricular materials is that they are coherent. Coherence, with respect to mathematics curriculum, generally means that connections are clear and receive emphasis from one year to the next, from one concept to another, and from one representation to another.”
Cynthia Hockman-Chupp

Math vocabulary equips students to understand concepts, extend their learning, and engage in deeper communication. Word Resource Cards help you create a rich environment for mathematical exploration. Here are examples from my own classroom: