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Rick Ludeman

Berrien Springs Public Schools (“Home of the Shamrocks”) in Berrien Springs, Michigan has adopted Bridges Second Edition. A long-time Bridges First Edition site, curriculum team members said they are “true believers” in the program.

Rick Ludeman

Last year I spoke with Shepherd Elementary principal John Farley who was looking for some new math materials. After our conversation he and his staff decided to start with Number Corner and Pia Hansen, MLC director of professional development, led the workshops in August. 

Rick Ludeman

After using Bridges in Mathematics K-5 for a number of years, The Hamlin School of San Francisco, California decided to transition to Bridges Second Edition. Recently I visited this independent K-8 school for girls founded in 1863.

Rick Ludeman

Alcoa Elementary triples advanced, proficient students

Excerpts from an article by Matthew Stewart of the Daily Times

Alcoa Elementary School is producing academic gains, tripling last school year’s number of students who scored proficient and advanced on state tests.

Fifty Alcoa elementary-schoolers scored proficient


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