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Jami Smith

MLC collaborated with the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) to establish a scholarship fund for elementary math specialists.  

"There is a growing consensus regarding the importance of math specialists at the elementary level" said Rick Ludeman, MLC President. "We were inspired to create this scholarship fund by a column on the topic written by J. Michael Shaughnessy during his tenure as NCTM President."

Congratulations to this

Jami Smith

Watch this short video to learn more about free downloadable math practice books from The Math Learning Center.

Jami Smith

Watch this short video to learn more about free downloadable lesson plans and student activities available from The Math Learning Center. 

Jami Smith

Here are some of the districts that have adopted Bridges Second Edition this month:

Hannah Chandler

Computational fluency means more than quickly producing correct answers. It requires conceptual understanding and is exhibited through efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. As you guide your students to mathematical fluency, you will give them many opportunities to construct relationships among numbers to make sense of basic facts and be able to retrieve them.

Hannah Chandler

Working in pairs and small groups

Giving students opportunities to collaborate helps build a strong sense of community in your classroom, and research shows that students learn better when they learn together.

Martha Ruttle

The Common Core State Standards identify eight mathematical practices that characterize the ways in which mathematically proficient students engage with mathematics. The content standards describe what students are doing in mathematics, and the practices describe how they are doing it.