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Jami Smith

We were thrilled to find these examples of students using the Number Pieces App in the classroom! Thank you for sharing!

Jami Smith

What is guided math?  

Guided math is a structured, practical way of matching math instruction to the diverse individual learners in the classroom. This approach respects the belief that every child is capable of learning and understanding mathematics and recognizes that students learn to do mathematics at varying rates of development and over time.

Hannah Chandler

Reflection is an important part of teaching and learning.

Jami Smith

Watch this short video to learn how to download and use the geoboard app.

Jami Smith

Here are some of the districts that have adopted Bridges Second Edition this past month:

Jami Smith

As teachers, we are continually challenged to find multiple ways to reach all students when teaching mathematics.

Jami Smith

MLC collaborated with the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) to establish a scholarship fund for elementary math specialists.  

"There is a growing consensus regarding the importance of math specialists at the elementary level" said Rick Ludeman, MLC President. "We were inspired to create this scholarship fund by a column on the topic written by J. Michael Shaughnessy during his tenure as NCTM President."

Congratulations to this