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Justin Fogarty, VP Communications

Lake Forest School District in Illinois adopted Bridges in 2013. Teachers credit Bridges with helping them teach valuable life skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and positive student interaction. Additional significant changes include students’ increased risk taking and recognition that there is more than one answer and strategy to a problem. Bridges is designed to foster skills like these that develop the whole student, preparing them for life.

Justin Fogarty, VP Communications

DeSoto Parish School System in Louisiana adopted Bridges in 2013. With Bridges, educators and district leaders alike have witnessed the transformation of classroom environments. Students are engaged, working together, checking one another’s work and truly understanding concepts. Bridges is engaging students in math and teaching them to become creative problem solvers.

Justin Fogarty, VP Communications

The Leander Independent School District in Leander, Texas, adopted Bridges in Mathematics in 2014. With Bridges, Leander students’ confidence in math is growing as they learn multiple strategies for problem solving. Teachers have seen improvement in students’ mathematical thinking, communication, and academic confidence that carries into other subject matters. As one educator put it, “Most importantly, we’ve seen an increase in students loving math.”

“We’re preparing kids to apply these bits of information to new situations instead of asking them to memorize the dictionary of math. That really allows them to be creative with their math and apply it to situations we can’t even think of yet," said Justin Brown, fourth grade teacher at Rutledge Elementary School.

Tod Johnston, Clarity Innovations Inc.

The Number Line app is the latest Math Learning Center app to be updated with the ability to share work between students and teachers. 

Vi Tamargo

“The essence of mathematics lies in its freedom.” — Georg Cantor

In September, The Math Learning Center co-hosted Portland’s first Public Math Day with Two Rivers Bookstore  in St. Johns neighborhood.

The mission of Public Math Day strongly aligns with MLC’s mission, with the goal to bring opportunities to diverse children and families by engaging and interacting with math in their daily lives.

Justin Fogarty

Manistee Area Public Schools’ board approved a purchase of Bridges in Mathematics after lead teachers visited Montague Area Public Schools as well as Godfrey-Lee Schools in Wyoming to see Bridges in implementation.

Collin Nelson

Students in the State College Area School District (SCASD) are exploring math in a fun, new way since adopting Bridges in Mathematics for the 2018–19 school year.