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Pia Hansen

Our curriculum specialists recently attended a workshop with Jo Boaler, Cathy Williams, and their youcubed team. We left energized by three key messages and affirmed by recognizing how The Math Learning Center addresses them. 

Dave Moursund
David Moursund

I assume that you teach math to elementary school students or are very interested in this aspect of schooling. Here is a pop quiz. Name some people who have made major, lasting contributions to the discipline of math education, and say what they contributed.

Collin Nelson

In collaboration with the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), The Math Learning Center is offering an Elementary Mathematics Specialist Scholarship.

David Moursund

The 3Rs—Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic—have been foundational in education for thousands of years. My recent book, The Fourth R, adds to that list Reasoning/computational thinking. It concerns using human brains and computer brains, individually and working together, to solve problems and accomplish thoughts. Like each of the traditional 3Rs, computational thinking is both a discipline of study and a fundamental cognitive tool.

Learning to Think Mathematically
Collin Nelson

The Learning to Think Mathematically series, written by Dr. Jeff Frykholm, is now available free from The Math Learning Center. These insightful books provide families and educators with innovative resources and novel strategies to help young learners develop powerful mathematical insights and problem-solving strategies.

New Free Resources for Secondary Classrooms
Collin Nelson

Last year we added Math and the Mind’s Eye to our collection of free resources. Math and the Mind’s Eye is a supplemental program based on visual models that can be taught in sequence or used as individual lessons.

Our Newly Remodeled Website
Collin Nelson

You may have noticed some changes to our website recently. These changes were made in an effort to simplify the content and improve navigation.