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Number Pieces

Use virtual base ten pieces to represent and work with multi-digit numbers.

Pat or Clap?

Paige began a repeating pattern with pat, clap, clap.

  • What could Paige’s next three motions be? Show your thinking.
  • What will Paige’s 10th motion be? What about her 20th motion? What about her 50th motion?

Number Rack

Slide beads to show and work with numbers and think in groups of 5s and 10s. 

Pattern Shapes

Explore counting, geometry, fractions, and more with a set of virtual pattern blocks.

Whiteboard App

Solve problems and explain your thinking in a digital math workspace. 

Math Vocabulary Cards

Deepen understanding of key terms in mathematics with written and visual definitions. 

Money Pieces

Visualize money values and relationships with U.S. currency and money value pieces.

Counting Shapes

There is a lot to see and count in this image. 

  • What do you notice? 
  • What shapes do you see? 
  • What can you count? 
  • What can you compare?

Bridges in Mathematics 2nd Edition Overview

An hour long introduction to the approach, structure and components of the Bridges in Mathematics program, a clearly articulated PK–5 curriculum offering a unique blend of problem solving and skill building.

Resources & Support for Continued Learning

The Resources & Support for Continued Learning are designed to help educators continue to support students’ learning, whether in or out of school.

Counting Heads & Feet

Chickens and sheep live in a field next to Fernando’s school. Looking over the fence, Fernando counted 8 heads. Looking under the fence, Fernando counted 22 legs. How many of each animal could there be?