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Camping Choices

Cori and three friends are going camping. 

  • They will share one tent, and they want a large enough tent to fit just their sleeping bags. 
  • Their sleeping bags are rectangular and all the same size.
  • When purchasing a tent, the package is labeled with the dimensions of the rectangular base. 

What size of tent should they buy? What could the dimensions of the rectangular base be? What could the area of the base be? 

Colored Pencils

Mai and Trace have some red, yellow, and blue pencils. 

  • There are more than 14 but less than 20 pencils.
  • There are more red pencils than yellow pencils. 
  • There are more yellow pencils than blue pencils.
  • There is an odd number of each color pencil. 

How many of each color could they have?

Hint: An odd number can be divided into 2 equal groups with 1 left over.