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Playing by the Rules

By Dr. Eugene Maier

The Oregon Department of Education released its annual school report card last week. The report, as mandated by the state legislature in the massive Oregon Education Act for the 21st Century, is to contain information on "student performance, student behavior, and school characteristics." In addition the report must include data on some 16 areas that are specifically named, including, among others, attendance rates, school safety, dropout rates, facilities for distance learning, and local bond levy election results.

The Testing Pall

By Dr. Eugene Maier

It's that time of the year when the tests score from all the schools in the state—by grade level and subject matter—have been released to the press. As a consequence, the papers are filled with reportage, statistical analyses, editorial opinions. and readers' comments about what it all means.

Teaching the Basics

By Dr. Eugene Maier

“City school officials want more basic math,” the headline said. Given the current educational climate, it's a headline that might have occurred in any number of papers. This one happened to be in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I noticed it when in Pittsburgh for a conference.

What Did You Get Out of That?

By Dr. Eugene Maier

The topic of discussion at the math education seminar was a research study that compared "outcomes of a traditional and a reform calculus course in terms of students' retention of basic concepts and skills after the passage of time."