Teacher in Residence Program

Are you a passionate educator looking to impact more students and classrooms as you deepen your knowledge of mathematics content and pedagogy? Would your district support an opportunity for you to develop your understanding of Bridges and math education that you could share with your colleagues? The Math Learning Center (MLC) Teacher in Residence program might be the right opportunity for you.

During this one-year program, participating educators:

  • Travel to districts to provide onsite professional development
  • Work with Bridges users via email and web-based support
  • Participate in professional learning experiences that will deepen their knowledge of math content, pedagogy, and other MLC resources
  • Attend national and regional conferences and receive professional development directly from MLC 

How Does It Work?

Educators in the TiR program serve as full-time math consultants with MLC for one academic year. In return, MLC covers the cost of the TiR’s contract for this time period. The TiR has the option of additional summer work. The educator remains an employee of the district and is not expected to relocate. The district incurs no monetary cost to have the educator participate in this opportunity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work side by side with curriculum consultants to support schools while building and refining personal knowledge.
  • Work with MLC to guide local Bridges educators through the adoption and implementation process. Provide both onsite and remote support, with an average of 10 travel days per month.
  • Serve as a liaison between districts and MLC staff to gather and communicate observations and feedback from the field. 
  • Deliver presentations and respond to queries so that potential Bridges users have a clear understanding of MLC’s offerings.
  • Recruit local Bridges leaders.
  • Engage in professional learning in order to deepen knowledge of content, pedagogy, leadership, and the Bridges curriculum.
  • Present and represent MLC products and services at conferences and other gatherings.

Minimum Applicant Qualifications and Experience

  • Firsthand teaching experience with Bridges in Mathematics 2nd edition 
  • Experience implementing new math curricula
  • Philosophy of education consistent with constructivist principles
  • Knowledge of current standards and trends in math education
  • Strong collaboration, communication, organization, facilitation of adult learning, and presentation skills


Please note that the Teacher in Residence program requires extensive travel. Participants must be available to travel an average of 10 days each month, during which you’ll provide support to Bridges districts, attend conferences, and participate in meetings with MLC staff. The remainder of the work can be done from anywhere with a reliable internet connection, through which you’ll email, participate in remote meetings, attend and host online trainings, and expand your knowledge of math content and pedagogy. 

Justification Letter

The letter below outlines the benefits the Teacher in Residence program provides for you and your district. Feel free to copy, paste and edit the letter for use with your leadership team.

Subject: New MLC Opportunity: Teacher in Residence

Hello [name],

I am interested in pursuing a Teacher in Residence (TiR) opportunity with The Math Learning Center (MLC), the nonprofit organization that developed our math curriculum, Bridges in Mathematics. I believe that participating in the MLC Teacher in Residence program would be beneficial to my growth as a mathematics teacher and to (name of district or school).

Teachers in the TiR program take a one-year leave of absence from their current district to consult full-time with The Math Learning Center (MLC). MLC will cover the TiR’s contract for one full academic year. TiRs remain employees of their districts and are not expected to relocate. The district incurs no monetary cost as the educator pursues this opportunity. At the end of the one-year leave of absence participating teachers return to their district, bringing with them additional experiences and skills to better support local educators and the district with Bridges implementation.

TiR participants will benefit their districts as they:

  • Deepen their knowledge of the Bridges curriculum and other MLC resources

  • Enhance their facilitation skills

  • Design professional learning experiences to support implementation of the Bridges curriculum

  • Participate in high-quality professional learning in K–5 mathematics at national and regional conferences and through The Math Learning Center

  • Develop a network of professional peers across the United States 

More information on the Teacher in Residence program is available on the MLC website by clicking here . I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you at your earliest convenience.