Guidance for the '20–'21 School Year

With the end of the school year approaching, districts are making plans for a highly uncertain future. To assist schools and districts with their planning, The Math Learning Center is preparing a collection of resources that can be used whether schools re-open or if remote learning continues.

These resources will include:

  • Updated guidance documents to advise on how to prioritize content within Bridges in Mathematics Second Edition for the 2020–21 school year, given that students missed several months of school this spring.
  • A collection of professional learning and student-facing resources to assist with delivering remote learning with Bridges materials.
  • And, a redesigned version of Math at Home with activities, games, and resources that align with the unit-by-unit progression of learning in Bridges.

Our goal is to provide the updated guidance documents by July 1. We will send a follow-up email when they are available. At that time, we’ll also provide additional details and a timeline regarding professional learning and classroom materials that are being developed. In the meantime, the Math at Home resources will continue to be released through the summer, including the popular Activities of the Day.