University Relations

The Math Learning Center gives back to the mathematics education community through our Bridges University Program and our sponsorship of Elementary Math Specialists scholarships.

Bridges University Program

What better way to prepare mathematics teachers than to use examples from innovative PreK-5 classroom materials? We offer access to the content of our elementary curriculum materials, Bridges in Mathematics, for use in university settings. This includes access to the core curriculum of both 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition as well as Number Corner, Bridges Intervention, and Concept Quests. University programs or faculty may request a free subscription to the Bridges Educator Site which contains this full suite of Bridges in Mathematics content in PDF format. You’ll also have access to a host of support resources.

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Free Math Resources

Apps and App Activities

Many mathematics teacher educators know our apps and have used them to support their work with students and teachers. If you love using these, you might also be interested in our searchable set of app activities which are rich tasks that can be explored and represented with the apps.

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Math at Home

Developed in partnership with Maier Math Foundation, this searchable collection of activities will help spark meaningful mathematical discourse. There you will find familiar routines with powerful images such as: What Comes Next?, Which One Doesn’t Belong?, Today’s Number, Would You Rather?, Same & Different, and Guess My Rule.

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Free Lessons & Publications

We offer over 200 free resources from our Pre-K story books to the full text of previously published programs including Box It or Bag It, Opening Eyes to Mathematics, Math and the Mind’s Eye, and Visual Mathematics.

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Math Teacher Leader Scholarships

In collaboration with the Association of Math Teacher Educators (AMTE), The Math Learning Center created a scholarship fund for aspiring elementary mathematics specialists. Winners receive $2,000 to enhance their mathematics knowledge, teaching and leadership by enrolling in university coursework that will result in becoming a certified mathematics specialist.

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