Bridges Breakout: Number Rack

Bridges Breakout number rack book, task cards, student number racks and dot cards

Help Your Students Build Fact Fluency

Designed for use with small groups, Bridges Breakout: Number Rack will help your students

  • Develop a rich sense of numbers and parts of numbers

  • Build intuitive, flexible and accurate computation strategies

  • Make connections among related facts

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From Counting to Conceptual FLUENCY

It’s undeniable: children need to know their basic math facts. But what is the best way to help young learners remember them? Flash cards, timed tests and rows of practice problems rely on rote memorization, a strategy shown by research to be ineffective for most students. At best, these types of activities fail to engage students; at worst, they spur negative self-talk and convince students they are not good at math.

Bridges Breakout: Number Rack helps students learn addition and subtraction math facts using the number rack, a math tool designed to build conceptual understanding and fluency through seeing and understanding number relationships.

student number rack supplies
Number Rack activity book
Number rack task cards
Number rack ten-frame and double ten-frame frame dot cards

A Comprehensive Resource for Small-Group Activities

Bridges Breakout number rack book, task cards, student number racks and dot cards

Bridges Breakout: Number Rack includes

  • Bridges Breakout: Number Rack book with 22 individual lessons
  • 10 student number racks
  • 22 task cards
  • Ten-Frame and double-ten-frame dot cards

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Table of contents Lesson Task Card

The number rack model helps build the bridge from counting to computational fluency by inviting students to think about numbers in groups of 2, 5 and 10.

Shelly Scheafer, classroom teacher and Bridges Breakout: Number Rack contributor

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