New Free Resources for Secondary Classrooms

Collin Nelson

Last year we added Math and the Mind’s Eye to our collection of free resources. Math and the Mind’s Eye is a supplemental program based on visual models that can be taught in sequence or used as individual lessons.

The 14 units that make up this program cover math concepts typically taught in middle school but extend into upper and lower grade levels as well. To round out our secondary offerings we have recently added two more programs.

Visual Mathematics is an innovative middle school program that began as a collection of suggestions for implementing the Math and the Mind's Eye philosophy and teaching activities. After extensive field-testing, Visual Math expanded to a series of three one-year courses for students in grades 5–10.

Algebra Through Visual Patterns draws together much of the material that originally appeared in the Math and the Mind’s Eye algebra units and later in the Visual Mathematics courses. The ideas and lessons presented are appropriate for all students involved in learning first-year algebra regardless of grade level.

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Collin Nelson is the marketing coordinator for MLC