Sharing Feature Added to Number Line

The Number Line app is the latest Math Learning Center app to be updated with the ability to share work between students and teachers. 

The process is the same as for Number Pieces and Number Rack:

  1. Set up your number line to pose a problem, show a strategy, or start a discussion.

  2. Select Share in the toolbar. 

  3. Share the link or 8-digit code with others. 

  4. Students can open the shared workspace with the link or by selecting the Key in the toolbar and entering the 8-digit code. 

Remember, once opened, shared workspaces serve as beginning points and will not affect the original code. To share changes, whether a solution or a new problem, you must generate a new share code. 

The best way to get comfortable with sharing is to try it out for yourself. Select the link to open the problem in the web app. On an iPad, select the Key and enter the code: 4900-ZWL1.

A share code in the Number Line app.

In addition to the added sharing capabilities, Number Line received a handful of other updates. 

  • Line Settings: You can now choose your line numbering and tick spacing from a single dialog box that opens automatically when you load the app. Use the Start at field toward the bottom of the box to specify a starting number, including negative values. 

    Line Settings interface in the app.

  • Math Text and Writing Tools: Like Number Rack and Number Pieces, Number Line now supports improved annotation tools for teachers to share problems and students to explain their thinking. 

  • Jump Numbering: By default, jumps are now unlabeled to encourage more thinking. Select Jump Labels in the toolbar to show numbers or select the jump itself to add your own custom label.

Animation of jump label feature used in the Number Line app.

  • Covers: Add your own covers to the number line to hide (and then reveal) elements on the screen whether jumps, numbers, or text. 

Please pass along your feedback about the new Number Line app. Also, look for weekly share codes in the News section of the Bridges Educator Site. Try them out with other teachers and your students, then share your best ones with the #BridgesMath communities on Instagram and Twitter.