Utilizing MLC Apps to Enrich Learning

Physical manipulatives are locked away in classrooms, so teachers, students, and families are turning to The Math Learning Center apps to support understanding of visual mathematics in a remote learning environment. Usage of these free virtual manipulatives and models has tripled over the last six weeks.

On Friday, May 1, more than 500 educators attended an MLC webinar on how the apps can be used to enrich learning. Participants became familiar with the apps by exploring a series of hands-on activities. Notably, participants learned how to produce share codes, eight-character codes that can be used to share a particular problem or activity within an app. Share codes were used with the Number Piece app to show how students might share ideas with their teacher.

Weren’t able to attend the webinar? Check out the recording.

The webinar used a Google Site to link to activities with the apps. This Google Site remains active, and you can continue to access it here. In one activity, participants used the Number Pieces app to represent their thinking around Grade 3 two-step story problems involving multiplication. Check out two examples in the webinar:

Activities from the webinar were presented on a Google Site which remains active. Have fun exploring a variety of activities, including one that involves the Number Pieces app to represent solutions to several multiplication story problems:


At the Google Site , find more examples, try the activity for yourself, or make copies of the Google Slides to use with your students.

Enjoy the replay, and hope to see you at another MLC webinar soon!