Welcome, One Hundred!

Kim Markworth, Director of Content Development

The 100th day of school is nigh! This point in the school year is significant for its place value importance, but it also indicates that the school year is more than half over. It is an exciting milestone for children, sometimes a relief for teachers, and a reason to celebrate for all.

At MLC, the past few months have given us our own reason to celebrate the growing popularity of our free math apps and the most recent addition to our collection, the Number Chart app. If you have not had a chance to explore this new tool, make that a resolution for 2022. It has a multitude of capabilities that we’re sure you’ll find useful in your classroom.

One measure of success with our free math apps is the number of times a share code is accessed. Which share code has been the most popular in the history of these apps? This 100th day Pattern Shapes activity, appropriate for all ages, has been accessed more than 42,000 times—a clear winner! Can we push that number past 50,000, or even 100,000? You can help to make it happen in your 100th day celebrations!

100th Day Pattern Block App Activity.

Unfortunately, we don’t know which amazing educator is responsible for creating this share code sensation. Whoever you are, thank you for your contribution and your willingness to support your fellow teachers. That’s what makes teachers special, right?

If you’re interested in more app-based activities for your 100th day celebration, check out the list of learning opportunities below. We’ve taken this occasion to highlight the new Number Chart app in many of them. Remember to have your students share their work with their own share codes. And if you have additional 100th day activities to share with our readers, please share them in the comments below!

Pattern Shapes App

Number Chart App

Number Frames App

Number Pieces App