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The Math Learning Center encourages current Bridges Intervention users to upgrade to the revised edition at a reduced price. Below are answers to questions about upgrading. We invite you to contact your regional team if you have any additional questions. 

Who is eligible for an upgrade at a reduced price?

All educators and districts who previously purchased Bridges Intervention can upgrade to the revised edition at a discount. There are no changes to the physical components and manipulatives in the revised edition, so it is simply a matter of replacing the Teachers Guides.

What is the cost associated with upgrading Bridges Intervention?

Teachers Guides for Set 1 (Volumes 1–4) can be purchased for $200, and the Teachers Guides for Set 2 (Volumes 5–9) can be purchased for $280. Those prices reflect a 20% discount and are available through August 31, 2023.

Is the revised version of Bridges Intervention compatible with the previous version?

The versions have enough similarities that it’s possible to use both within the same district. However, educators using both versions side by side will notice some changes in terminology, e.g., strategy names, problem contexts and other details. 


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