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Rick Ludeman, Chief Executive Officer

Wildfires have created hazardous air quality throughout much of Oregon, including our warehouse location in Salem. We shut down operations last Thursday afternoon and will remain closed until conditions improve enough that our team can safely return.

Our customer service team is working remotely and will continue to process orders and respond to inquiries. We appreciate your patience as we work

Bridges Components
Mike Wallus, Director of Educator Support

Knowing the challenges Bridges educators will face this school year, we began a series of webinars this week to walk teachers through:

  • Using the revised Scope & Sequence to prioritize and plan Bridges in Mathematics modules and sessions 

  • Highlighting ways to use Tech-Enhanced Activities in synchronous and asynchronous environments

  • Incorporating Digital Work Places, modified versions of the Digital Display Materials that can be shared with students and families

Math at Home activity
Meg Susi, Senior Curriculum Developer

Whether you are returning to school in a virtual, in-person, or blended learning environment, flexibility will be as essential as pencils and paper this school year. The all-new Math at Home website offers the flexibility you need to present your students with rich activities to engage in deep mathematical thinking, no matter where their learning happens.

Knowledge and Skills Pre-Check
Mike Wallus, Director of Educator Support

Recently, we released tech-enhanced activities (TEAs), tasks and activities based on Bridges in Mathematics Second Edition curriculum that have been adapted for use in synchronous or asynchronous environments. As Bridges teachers begin to explore TEAs, they are asking some important questions. 

  • What is the purpose of the TEAs?

  • How can I use the TEAs in my situation?

Nicole Rigelman, Chief Academic Officer and Patrick Vennebush, Chief Learning Officer

As the school year begins, students, educators, and schools face numerous challenges. One of these challenges is how to handle assessment. We’ve received variations of the following question from many Bridges educators in recent weeks:

How can we effectively assess students in a remote learning environment?
Mike Wallus, Director of Educator Support

We are offering a number of new professional development opportunities this fall.

Cynthia Hockman-Chupp, Curriculum Specialist

In Part 1 of our series on Digital Work Places, we considered how students might use these tools in an asynchronous environment or when partner work isn’t possible. When social distancing ceases to be a focus of concern, students will be able to pair up and work on a single device to play a game, much as they would with a real game board, spinner, or card deck. Until that day arrives, teachers are finding new ways to think about gameplay, even