Kindergartners add a new marker to the Calendar Grid for each day of the month. Students delve into important mathematics as they identify patterns that emerge in the markers over time. Each month also features a collection of some kind—cubes, sticks, shapes, coins, or data—that serves as a springboard for representing and analyzing data, practicing counting and computation, and solving problems. Students keep track of the number of days they have been in school, which gives them the chance to explore teen numbers and then all numbers to 100 and beyond.

Many days also feature an activity or game for strengthening students’ counting skills and computational fluency. These games and activities often incorporate visual models like five-frames, ten-frames, finger patterns to 10, linking cubes, and the number line.

Content Outline

August / September

  • Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Square
  • Collecting Cubes
  • Dots, Links & Numbers
  • Quantities to Five
  • Up to Ten & Back Again


  • Dancing Leaves
  • Collecting Cubes in Two Colors
  • How Many More?
  • Fun with Finger Patterns
  • The Tricky Teens


  • Flat & Solid Shapes
  • Collecting Sticks
  • Drawing to Make Ten
  • Combinations of Five
  • Numbers Before & After


  • Where’s the Bear?
  • Collecting Pattern Block Shapes
  • Counting the Days Until Winter Break
  • Numbers from Six to Ten
  • The Twenties


  • Teddy Bear's Buttons: Combinations to Five
  • Collecting Cubes in Three Colors
  • How Many to Ten?
  • Combinations for Numbers from Two to Ten
  • Hopping on the Number Line


  • One Dot, Many Dots
  • Ones & Fives with Pennies & Nickels
  • One Hundred Days & Counting
  • Representing Addition & Subtraction on the Farm
  • Ten & More


  • How Many More to Make Ten?
  • How Many Lambs? How Many Lions?
  • Counting by Ones & Tens on the Line
  • Solving Addition & Subtraction Story Problems at the Zoo
  • Reviewing Teens & Twenties


  • Measuring Tools
  • Frogs & Toads to Five
  • Counting to One Hundred by Ones & Tens
  • Sums & Minuends to Ten with Frogs & Toads
  • The Thirties & Forties

May / June

  • Number Puzzles
  • Cats & Dogs to Ten
  • Hopping by Tens on the Number Line
  • Fives Up
  • Fun with Fifty