Fifth graders add a new marker to the Calendar Grid for each day of the month. Students delve into important mathematics as they identify patterns that emerge in the markers over time. Each month also features a collection of data that students gather by taking repeated measurements, conducting surveys, and performing experiments. The patterns on the Calendar Grid and the growing collection of data provide starting points for discussions, problem solving, and short written exercises.

Every month, fifth graders have multiple opportunities to develop their problem-solving skills while tackling challenging story problems and discussing how they solved those problems. Students also have regular opportunities to play games and do exercises that develop their facility with sophisticated and efficient computation strategies. A few days each month, students solve a problem string (a carefully arranged sequence of related problems designed to elicit specific computation strategies and insights about number relationships).

Content Outline

August / September

  • Fractions & Decimals
  • Layer a Day
  • Multiple Game
  • Solving Problems Using Multiples & Factors
  • Addition & Subtraction Strategies


  • Mystery Buildings: Views & Volumes
  • Carrot Graphing Experiment
  • Group it!
  • Solving Problems with Organized Lists
  • Fraction Addition with Money & Clock Models


  • Tumbling Triangles
  • A Meter a Day
  • Expression Bingo
  • Using Logical Reasoning to Solve Problems
  • Fraction Subtraction with Money & Clocks


  • Classifying Quadrilaterals
  • Student Heights & Foot Lengths
  • Put It on the Line, Part 1
  • Problems That Suggest Making an Informed Start
  • Multiplication & Division


  • Numerical Patterns & Graphs
  • Time & Money
  • Color Ten
  • Volume Problem
  • More Multiplication & Division Strings


  • Using the Area Model to Multiply Fractions
  • Two Liters or Spill
  • I Have, Who Has?
  • Conversion Problems
  • Multiplying Whole Numbers by Fractions


  • Multiplication with Decimal Numbers
  • Line Plots & Length
  • Quotient Bingo
  • Student-Posed Problems
  • Fraction Addition & Subtraction


  • Growing Cubes Constructions
  • Collecting Quarters
  • Put It on the Line Decimals 
  • More Student-Posed Problems
  • Fraction Multiplication & Division


  • Mumford Mole's Meadow
  • Two Quarts or Spill
  • Fraction Splat!
  • Problems that Emphasize Reasoning
  • Fraction Multiplication & Division