PD Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

We believe effective math education requires sound instructional methods, a solid grasp of the subject, and expertise with well-designed materials. Our professional development opportunities strive to provide teachers with the ability to enhance their capacity in all three areas.

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Open Workshops

Educators using our programs are invited to register for any applicable workshops listed below. Fees are paid per person. Space is limited.

Bridges in Mathematics: Facilitator Workshop

This face-to-face workshop is appropriate for districts after their first year of implementing Bridges in Mathematics, 2nd Edition.

This three-day workshop is designed to equip instructional leaders to lead their own Getting Started Workshops in-district for new hires or new-to-grade-level teachers. Participants will experience a condensed Getting Started Workshop covering both K–2 and 3–5 grade bands. They'll leave with the knowledge necessary to offer these workshops in their own district.

Bridges Intervention Workshop

The Bridges Intervention Workshop is a face-to-face workshop and is intended for interventionists. Classroom teachers, support staff, coaches, and administrators may attend as space allows.

This two-day workshop offers guidance for an effective implementation of Bridges Intervention. We'll discuss best practices, placement assessments, progress monitoring, and more. Attendees will spend time with Set 1 materials on day 1, and explore Set 2 materials on day 2.


Leadership Institutes

Summer 2021 | Denver, CO and Chicago, IL

The annual Leadership Institute offers teacher-leaders, coaches, principals, and curriculum specialists the tools for developing and sustaining a successful implementation of Bridges in Mathematics, Number Corner, and Bridges Intervention. This year participants have the option of choosing from two cities: Denver or Chicago. The program will be the same for both institutes. 

UPDATED: We have canceled the MLC Summer Leadership Institutes for 2020. We know educators appreciate these events and understand that many will be disappointed. However, given the current levels of uncertainty and risk, we feel this choice best aligns with our commitment to the health and well-being of participants, speakers, and the MLC team. Those who have already registered will receive a full refund.

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Online Courses

Effective Coaching for Bridges Implementation

This 12-week online course is offered in both fall and winter. It is designed to support math coaches and instructional leaders working to increase student achievement and teacher content knowledge during a Bridges in Mathematics Second Edition implementation.

Bridges Intervention Online Course

This 12-week online course is offered in both fall and winter. It is intended for those using or supporting Bridges Intervention. Participants will walk through the structure of Bridges Intervention, placement assessments, progress monitoring, and the resources available on the Bridges Educator Site.


Upcoming Webinars

Webinars are recorded and available to watch afterwards. Those that register receive an email with a link to the recording. Only the most recent recordings are on this page. To watch all of our PD webinars, sign into the Bridges Educator Site.
No webinars are currently scheduled. Check this page often to stay up to date on upcoming webinars.

Past Webinars

Students leading a math forum

Facilitating Successful Math Forums

Recorded November 14, 2018

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Math Forums are opportunities for students in grades 3–5 to formally share their strategies and their thinking. In this webinar, we’ll explore tips and tools to help teachers facilitate a successful Math Forum.

Image for Pacing a Bridges Lesson

Successfully Pacing a Bridges Session

Recorded Nov 7, 2018

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In this webinar, we will explore one Bridges session and think about how a teacher might approach pacing during planning, implementation, and post-lesson reflection.

Photo of parents playing a game with their student

10 Tips for Connecting Families to the Bridges Classroom

Recorded October 24, 2018

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This webinar will focus on 10 recommendations and resources for partnering with families. Tips will include district, school, and classroom activities that establish effective two-way communication and encourage a growth mindset.

Students combining bundles and sticks

Bridges Intervention Volume 3: Addition & Subtraction with Multi-Digit Numbers

Recorded Oct 10, 2018

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Students need a conceptual understanding of place and value before they can develop procedural fluency. This webinar will unpack the learning progressions for Bridges Intervention Volume 3 and show how to help support fluency development.

Image for Learning Progessions in Counting Webinar

Fractions: Understanding Equivalency, Addition, and Subtraction

Recorded October 3, 2018

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The standards for fifth grade explicitly call for students "to use equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions." This webinar will investigate models that empower students in finding equivalency: money, clocks, and the number line.

Bridges Pre-K Webinar

Bridges Pre-K:
Organizing and Managing Materials

Recorded May 23, 2018

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Your Bridges Pre-K classroom package has arrived and now you're wondering how best to unpack and put everything in order. This webinar offers guidance on organizing and managing materials for both teachers and students. We will also explore how the thoughtful planning of spaces ensure the learning environment is engaging, nurturing, and inviting. This webinar is best suited for teachers using Bridges Pre-K, but all educators are welcome to register.