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Bridges Intervention Components

Bridges Intervention offers an expert combination of tools to bring success within reach of students at risk of falling behind and is flexible enough to be used with any elementary math curriculum. View store pages

Classroom Materials

Each Bridges Intervention set includes an extensive collection of math-specific materials ideal for small-group instruction. Custom game pieces and carefully selected manipulatives make learning fun and interesting.

Bridges Intervention Volumes

Bridges Intervention was written to address key numeracy and computation skills and concepts for each grade level, K–5. Specifically, Bridges Intervention deals with those clusters identified as major within the following domains: Counting & Cardinality (K), Operations & Algebraic Thinking (K–4), Number & Operations in Base Ten (K–5), and Number & Operations: Fractions (3–5).

Bridges University Program

What better way to prepare teachers than to use examples from real classroom materials? The content from the second edition of our elementary curriculum, Bridges in Mathematics, is now available for free.

Schools of education or university instructors may request a free subscription to the Bridges Educator Site. This "teacher portal" contains the full contents of Bridges in Mathematics in PDF format as well as a host of support resources.


Camping Choices

Cori and three friends are going camping. 

  • They will share one tent, and they want a large enough tent to fit just their sleeping bags. 
  • Their sleeping bags are rectangular and all the same size.
  • When purchasing a tent, the package is labeled with the dimensions of the rectangular base. 

What size of tent should they buy? What could the dimensions of the rectangular base be? What could the area of the base be?